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Image: fighting cock carving from Kora Ulu prow-board. Photograph © Will Buckingham, 1995

Unfortunately, this page cannot be found. I suggest you head back to the home page. But as you are here, why not enjoy this beautiful Tanimbarese poem in Yamdenan and English translation?


Amo kfwala ngafefelar
amo kfwalak ngamomonar
Fei mtote kyo ma mutlyari

Isin far onyare ubur
Tlingngur far kukumbe rwaruk,
Mbumbwrang far maresan kabal
Betkwar fare nere nfefar,
Ner kot dasyar dol rfefar
Sar mangburar dol rfefar.


Lover, I sing of good things;
lover I sing of beautiful things.

Look towards your love,
turn around and look aside.

My skin is white like young cabbage leaves,
my ears twinkle with gold like glow-worms,

my breasts are full like ripe peppers,
my upper arms adorned with bracelets like the waves.

The waves break before the village;
the waves break before the reef.